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Best Drilling Crew Provider in Pakistan

Best Drilling crew provider in Pakistan Teleport manpower consultant

Teleport Manpower Consultant is one of the leading offshore and onshore Drilling Crew provider in Pakistan for both senior and junior level. Teleport is providing both facilities for crew staff payroll and recruitment for domestic and international clients with a wide range of drilling experience in the oil industry.  Teleport Manpower Consultant is expert in […]

Welder Staffing Agencies to Recruit Welders for Hire

Welders staffing agencies to recruit welders

Welder staffing agencies or welder recruitment agencies are manpower supply companies that provides welder recruitment service for the valuable clients based upon their job requirements. In simple words, Welder staffing agencies act as a middle man between Employers (clients) and Employees (welders for hire). Welding Agency charges a flat fee for to recruit welders. Welding […]

Construction Workers Recruitment

Hire Construction workers recruitment company in Pakistan

Cost effective hiring of Construction workers is a daunting task. However construction workers recruitment agencies can make it easier and cost effective. Depending upon the types of construction manpower and recruitment timeline, cost of hiring may vary. Moreover, costs of recruitment also depend upon the country of manpower supplier. This complete guide to construction industry […]

Digital Recruitment Techniques and Benefits

Best Digital Recruitment Techniques and Benefits

Having a suitable person for a suitable role at a suitable time seems like an unattainable dream in today’s fast world. This is something every organization wishes to have. Little do they know, suitable people come through effective and efficient recruitment. Good recruitment makes sure that the workforce consists of relevant skills and abilities that […]

Effects of Corona virus on recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies

Coronavirus is rapidly expanding in the world. Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippine, provide manpower of drivers, welders, electrician, and plumber, shovel operator, cleaner, factory worker, labor, mason, general worker, dumper drivers, fabricator, aluminum technician and sales man. Pakistan provides recruitment to Abu Dhabi, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, OMAN and Qatar. Like other countries, […]

Step by Step Guide to choosing a Recruitment Agency

Choosing a recruitment agency Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Recruitment Agency   This ultimate guide for choosing a recruitment agency will prove to be your biggest helping hand. It will help you find a suitable recruitment agency that accommodates your hiring needs as well as your budget. Later in the article we’ll list 5 reasons how a recruitment agency […]

How to find a recruiting agency in Pakistan?

Teleport recruiting agency in Pakistan

Outsourcing HR is convenient and saves you a lot of hassle and recruitment costs. However Selecting a recruiting agency in Pakistan is difficult now a days. Primarily because there are ‘too many recruitment companies out there’ with big claims. As a result it is really hard to select the best recruiting agency in Pakistan. This […]

How to Check illegal & Legal Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan

legal recruitment agencies in Pakistan license verification

You can filter our illegal and legal recruitment agencies in Pakistan by recruitment agency license verification at BEOE and POEPA websites. Foreign Employers hiring from Pakistan will also be able to find a list of recruitment agencies with active government license for the following countries, at the official website links given at the end of […]