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Latest Press Release on Cost of Migration from Pakistan

Cost of Migration From pakistan

A new Trade Testing Policy Update was issued by the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment. The Director General of Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment has reviewed the existing policy in respect of conducting trade testing for the Security Guards at trade test centers because other places i.e. hotels and marriage halls are also closed and the OEP are facing problems due to the fact that the number of candidates is higher which cannot be accommodated in their offices in the prevailing situation of corona SOP’s.

The PEs are therefore advised to grant permissions for trade testing of security guards at the trade centers due to availability of open spaces and seating arrangements with observance of corona SOPs, subject to the condition that the total number of balance vacancies in the trade of security guard are not less than 20. 03. The PEs shall conduct due scrutiny before granting such permission so that the same cannot be misused and it shall be ensured that money is not extracted from the intending emigrants at the time of conducting the trade tests.

Cost of Migration from Pakistan

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