Position title
Formulation & Production Specialist

A wide variety of detergents and sanitization products are manufactured by Klava. We are seeking a
highly-skilled and organized formulation & production specialist to join our growing group of companies.


A wide variety of detergents and sanitization products are manufactured by Klava. We are seeking a
highly-skilled and organized formulation & production specialist to join our growing group of companies.
Job Title: Formulation & Production Specialist

Department/ Group: Factory

Responsibilities and Duties
Formulate a number of detergents, sanitizers and alcohol based products.
Working on developing product ingredients along with the specified percentages.
Understanding the concepts that are related to the study of chemical reactions and compatibility
of ingredients for each proposed formulation.
Monitor the sample preparation technique for each new suggested formulation and the related
laboratory studies needed for quality and stability check in addition to studying the effect of new
Advise on the essential and regular quality check tests and comparative studiesthat must be done
for finished products samples belonging to different batches and/or formulations.
Provide a detailed explanation of the production process in terms of: weighing the raw materials,
pre-mixing of some substances, flow of adding substances, mixing conditions.
Follow up on the work of preparation of the manufacturing processes and creating stipulations
for the produced products.
Assist in selecting the laboratory instruments and devices.
Advise on selecting the type and quality of mixers and other production equipment.
Specify the water quality needed so a water treatment system will be efficient.
The production cycle will be regularly monitored and achieved along with a group of production
assistants to ensure quality.
The formulation specialist must work along with the research department to remain updated with
the research establishments and enhance the production proficiency with the novel field of study
and its related products.
Besides, the specialist is expected to find the best substances alternatives and to adjust the
formulations in order to compensate between quality and cost.
○ Product Range: Dish-washing Liquid, Floor Cleaner, Hand Soap, Laundry Detergent - Fabric Softener, Hand
Sanitizer, Alcohol {Hair Shampoo} Chlorine, Bleach, Antiseptic Disinfectant, De-greaser, Window Cleaner,
Car Shampoo, (+ for any other additional products)
○ Formulation - Raw Material Selection- Raw Material Inspection- Water Treatment- Quality Control- Lab
Development of the Product!
○ Nationality: Pakistani or Iranian ( Only !!)
○ Religion: {Muslim}
○ Candidate shall be Promoted in his same job career.
○ His Dismissed or Current Working Experience should be related to our product range!
- Age: above 35yrs old
- Chemical Background (studies)
- At Least 10yrs Detergents Experience
- Can join our company the soonest ( as we already discussed during the phone call )


Procurement Job Requirements and Qualifications
Bachelor or Master's degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry or related field.
An extensive experience in the field of Detergents, Sanitizers and Alcohol production.
Knowledge of the basic and advanced formulation techniques and methodologies.
Knowledge in performing the chemical and physical examination of the potential substances and
formulations so as to respond to the worldwide requirements.
Possess the capability of producing quality and competitive products that meet the requirements
and needs of the market.

Job Benefits

Employee Characteristics:
- Coordination with Team (spirit) - (motivational).
- Management Skills
- Negotiation Skills
- Computer Skills

Employment Type
Beginning of employment
Duration of employment
two year
Chemical and detergent
Job Location
Lebanon, Lebanon
Base Salary
Date posted
February 19, 2021
Valid through
April 30, 2021
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Position: Formulation & Production Specialist

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